Our Services

CDM Consultancy and Services

As a CDM Consultant, Stanway Safety Services is involved from pre construction, including feasibility and early design stages, through to construction phase and handover. We work closely with Clients, Designers, Principal Designers, Principal Contractors and Contractors on all projects.

Our services include advising Clients and other duty holders of their duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015).

We also provide competency assessment of duty holders to be engaged on projects.

CDM Awareness Training

The current CDM Regulations have been in place since April 2015. To assist duty holders in understanding the current regulations, the changes from the previous 2007 regulations and what they mean in practicality, Stanway Safety Services can provide awareness training explaining in simple practical terms what the requirements are, what they mean to you and the work that you undertake.

Training can be tailored to reflect different project types and different sectors of the industry.

Preparation of Documentation

In all aspects of health and safety across the construction industry, preparation of documentation is imperative. Stanway Safety Services understands the time impact this can have on business.

We provide preparation of the following documentation:

  • Company Health and safety Policy
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements / Systems of Work
  • Preparation of Construction Phase Plans (CPP)

Site Inspections and Audits

Stanway Safety Services will conduct a full site inspection, followed by the provision of detailed reports.

Site inspections are undertaken on behalf of the following parties:

  • Clients who wish to monitor the health and safety performance of their contractors during the construction phase of projects
  • Contractors who need to monitor the health and safety performance of their projects or may just need advice on particular matters

All site inspections are followed up by the provision of detailed reports.

Advice on training requirements with regards to the competency of individuals to be engaged on projects.

Landlord's Health &Safety Check

Are you a private landlord or landlord's agent renting out properties ? For peace of mind and to ensure that your property is fit for purpose from a health and safety perspective prior to letting, Stanway Safety Services will undertake a unique health safety check on your property.

Temporary Works Co-ordination

Stanway Safety Services will work with Clients, Contractors and other parties involved on projects to assess what temporary works requirements need to be considered. We will then assist with the implementation and co-ordination of the temporary works including the following:

  • Deep excavation - Temporary works designs and design checks
  • Excavation works and installation of shoring
  • Temporary works installation inspection
  • Scaffolding - Scaffold design checks and scaffold inspections

Temporary Works Awareness Training

Stanway Safety Services can provide awareness training relating to different project types including guidance and advice on temporary works requirements.

A lot of 'enabling works' on construction projects are classed as 'temporary works'. These are works that facilitate the completed works.

Competent Professionals

Whether undertaking refurbishment or new build projects, Stanway Safety Services will provide competent professionals in all disciplines to be involved on projects including Structural or Civil Engineers, Designers and Architects.

Project Management

Stanway Safety Services undertake the Project Manager role for Clients.

Combining both our Project Management and CDM Consultancy skills ensures that CDM and other health and safety requirements are fully met.

Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Removal

Stanway Safety Services will commission asbestos surveys including issuing of survey reports and arrange asbestos removal by competent contractors.

Asbestos Awareness Training

Stanway Safety Services provide asbestos training to Clients, Contractors and other duty holders making them aware of materials containing asbestos, where those materials are likely to be found and what surveys should be undertaken prior commencement of works.

Geotechnical / Ground Surveys

Stanway Safety Services will commission surveys to check ground stability and possible contaminants.

Fire Risk Assessments

Stanway Safety Services will commission workplace fire risk assessments.

Provision of Fire Management Training.

Internal Auditing and Company Document Preparation

All documents will be prepared to the following standards:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001

Regular internal auditing will be carried out as a separate service.

Office Workstation Assessments

Are you sitting comfortably and correctly in order to protect your health and well being? Looking after your back and maintaining the best posture is very important. Having a work station assessment to ensure your desk, chair and VDU are positioned to give you the best possible posture is essential when many hours are spent sitting at a desk.

In-House Training

Stanway Safety Services offer a selection of training courses including the following:

  • CDM Awareness
  • Temporary Works Awareness
  • Asbestos Awareness

Training can be provided at our premises or at your own place of work.